Saturday, December 27, 2014

Sadly, Magic Crap Umbrellas Don't Exist! Happy New Year!


Although this photo is missing a few important faces, it still pretty much sums up my reason for putting one foot in front of the other every single day.

For in this photo are the faces that have absolutely brought me the most joy, the most worry, the most self-doubt, the most confidence, the most frustration, the most pride, the most laughter and the most tears.

In this photo lies my life.

As we sit on the threshold of another new year, looking forward to any and all new adventure it may have in store, I think it's also important to reflect on the past year, and appreciate all it had to offer.

If we choose to, we can dwell on everything bad that may have happened, wondering how and why it could possibly have happened to us. We can, if we so choose, drive ourselves a bit crazy trying to figure out the "why me?".

Personally, I find it helps to ask "why not me?" instead.  Let's face it, crap happens. To everybody. Different crap, at different times, at different intensities, but crap happens to everybody. Nobody is immune. Nobody carries a magic crap umbrella that keeps it from touching their lives.

At any given time of any given day you most likely will come in contact with people, both ones you know, and ones you don't, that are in the middle of their own personal crap storm as you speak. Some will let you know, others, not so much.

Some like to spread their crap and get a little on everyone they meet, spewing it, throwing it, launching it in every direction at every opportunity.

Others like to work through their crap on their own. Shovelling, sifting, sorting, until they can figure it out and put it behind them.

Some need to get a little assistance getting to the other side of their crap. A hand to anchor them, steady them, and sometimes help pull them up and over their crap.

Then there are those who tend to sit on their crap. Hoarding it, letting it pile up, rot and fester to the point where it has no choice but to spill and gush all over whoever is in it's path. Sadly, it's usually the ones closest that get hit the hardest.

As for myself, I find it best to just accept the crap. Why not me? I have no magic crap umbrella. Why should I get through life without my share of crap storms? I'm no better or different than anybody else. I find that it's a lot less stressful to just accept the crap for what it is.....fertilizer. Fertilizer to help us grow stronger, create more, live more, be more.

We can choose to focus on all of the crap, ooooorrrrrrr.........................

We can choose to shine the spotlight on the highlight reel of our year!

The events of the highlight reel, are like rainbows. The rewards after the crap storms.

As rainbows tend to be more subtle than the storms they follow, you may need to look a bit closer to find them.

They tend to take the form of smiles and hugs, giggles and guffaws.

They are found in sharing goofy inside jokes, good morning kisses, and time snuggling on a couch.

They resemble time with friends and family, good books, accomplishments, milestones and those moments of kicking butt at life in general!

They are the moments of BooYa! You know what I mean..............................

Crap is fertilizer...rainbows, the reward.


Life at the shop remains, thankfully, very busy.

We actually ended up working until late Christmas Eve to ensure we would be able to close the doors for a few days to spend time with our kids and grandbabies.

So worth it!

As for the upcoming week.... we will be putting in a bit of a shorter week so we can take minute to ring in the new year!

It's been an incredible year!

Busy shop, new book, daughter engaged, hubby turned 50......amazing!

I'm excited to see what 2015 will have in store!!!!

Happy New Year to you all, and thank you, thank you, thank you for your continued support, and taking time out from your busy lives to read these ramblings each week.

I love receiving your messages and emails, and look forward to reading more in 2015!

Until next time, I'll leave you with this New Year's wish.......................

May every day bring you moments you can put proudly on your highlight reel.
May every day see bright smiles, touch hearts, taste zest for life, and hear laughter peel.

May every resolution be peeled back to reveal the reason behind it.
May that reason become your revolution, your evolution, write it, bind it.

May every day bring you that much closer to the person you are meant to be.
May you see and become that you, authentically, allowing your soul to run free.

Happy New Year!

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