Saturday, October 17, 2015

Goodbye to a SuperHero Friend................................

Tonight, as I sit at my keyboard, my my heart is heavy, my fingers made of lead.

For today, we said a final farewell to this dear, goofy, generous, super-hero obsessed, beautiful soul. His name was Wes Funk. He was a writer, and tireless champion of the underdog. He was a selfless, zealous, fierce friend of everyone fortunate enough to meet him.

Although writing tonight is hard, I dare not not do it. For it would be a true insult to his memory to use him as a reason to keep words from the page.

As the hundreds of people began filling the venue for his service, I couldn't help but think that he likely had absolutely no idea how many lives he had actually touched. How many people were inspired and encouraged by him. How many truly, and sincerely, loved him.

The last thing Wes would want is for those left behind to mope around, crying, lamenting what might have been. But, he will just have to be patient, for it will take a little while for the world to become bright, once more.

We can never take for granted the gift that is our life on this Earth. The time between the sunsets.......

It's been a long, hard few days, so until next time, my friends, I'll leave you with this wish..............


May you see you were a hero, just without the encumbered hindrance of a cape.
May you see the lives you touched, the dreams you helped take a tangible shape.

May you see you were a hero, to me, and many more.
May you see you were a hero, a hero, turned angel, evermore.

Until next week......................


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