Saturday, November 14, 2015

A Freakin' Care Bear Ninja!

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Another week has passed. A week in which we had the privilege of witnessing a star being born, and were able to take part in our first Christmas Tradeshow of the season.

My niece, Hannah, as you can see, has a brilliant future as a one-woman band, if she so chooses. All that's left is to come up with a catchy name and start booking some shows!

It was also a bunch of fun sending some more books to their new homes at the tradeshow.  It's always so nice to meet so many new people.

Also, over the last few days there have been some more horrible acts of violence in different parts of the world.

It seems humanity has learned nothing from our past mistakes.

I know there are no simple solutions to this putrid darkness that appears to be slowly sucking the joy from our planet.

I know it won't be simple, but it does need to be. We can't give in or up. The darkness can't win.

It would be nice to see at least one week go by with no acts of terror, no senseless violence.

Until that can happen, until the powers that be can figure this out in some real way,  I will keep these newest victims in my thoughts, wishing them comfort. Wishing them some sense of peace, some way for them to feel safe again.

I hope our world leaders can come together without personal agenda, without ego, and fight for real solutions.  Lead. I hope.

For now, I feel a real need to fight off that abhorrent darkness by living in such a way that would really piss off the evil joy suckers.

I'll be squeezin' grand babies, evoking smiles wherever possible, wrestling out a giggle or two when I can, and smartassing a few who crave it.

I am going to be a veritable freakin' Care Bear Ninja!

The rest if my time, in the coming days will be spent working at the shop, attending another couple of trade shows, doing some writing, and maybe getting a bit if a start in Christmas baking.........

With that, my friends I will leave you for another week with this wish................

To the powers that be............

May you see your darkness fade, the shadows growing weak, their power frail, carrying no weight.
May the fear you invoke overtake you, your soul absorbing what you choose to perpetuate.

May you, in that moment, realize that fear dressed as hate can bring nothing but despair.
May you see, in that moment, this can stop, cease, desist, we as people can heal, repair.

May those with big voices speak wisely, leading with neither agenda nor glory in mind.
May those with big voices speak wisely, only then can we leave this darkness behind.

Until next time.......

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