Friday, November 6, 2015

The Bits That Make Up Humanity...........


So another full week has come and gone. As you can see, it involved some complicated fort construction and toddler snuggles. A great week!

I'm writing a bit early, this week, because the upcoming weekend will be spent hanging out with a few dear, lifetime friends.

Awesome people to have in my life, so grateful! So grateful for a hubby who supports the craziness!

Well, Halloween was a blast! Some amazing costumes once again, and ours weren't too shabby either, if I do say so myself. I will try and post a few pics to my Facebook page as soon as I can.

It's so cool to see people who, for the most part, live their day to day lives fairly far removed from artsy creativity, tap into their inner costume designer and then execute creations that would rival many movie set closets. It always blows my mind to see this level of talent put on display so nonchalantly.

Once again, world news is full of violence and desperation. But, I think, too, there is hope.

Even if the news shows tend to choose only to feature the violent, the scary, the ugliest side of humanity, we, also can choose. We can choose from where we get our information. We can choose to see the positive. It doesn't mean we bury our heads in the sand, pretending the dark doesn't exist, it simply means we choose to not let it overtake our lives.

It seems the source of the violence, the reasons for terror and bloodshed, all stem from wanting to be right.

One seems to think they know better than the other, their way is right, therefore, you must do things their way. Imposing personal beliefs on others has never worked. I wonder how long we will need to inhabit this earth, as human beings, before we really understand that.

If there is a judgement at the end of our time here on earth, I find it hard to believe that the being responsible for orchestrating a universe, creating the complexities of the brain, and deciding the colours of Autumn, will get hung up on whether or not you congregated in any particular building once a week, how you dressed, or the prayers and/or verses you could recite.

If there is a judgement at the end of our time on this earth, my belief is that it will have a whole lot more to do with how you walked through your life, how you treated others when nobody was watching, how much joy you brought to the party, and how much pain you took away.

Acceptance with no Exception. Passion with no Pretense. Embracing without Exclusion. Kindness without Conditions. Love without Fail. Protect the Vulnerable.

Nobody is "right" we are all simply the bits that make up humanity.


The time of year has come when I am going to try and snitch one, or maybe even two days a week to concentrate on writing. I really want to get my next munchkin book completed and released in the Spring. Time to get serious about it.

I'm hoping to make some real headway on the novel I'm working on, as well.....

Cross your fingers.........

As for the upcoming few days..........

Weekend with the girls!..........

Try and get shop stuff to a place that will allow "day snitching"...............

Get things ready for the Tradeshow in Rosetown on Saturday.............

Grandbaby snuggles...........


For now, my friends, I will leave you with this wish.............

With Remembrance Day (Nov.11) in Mind................

May your sacrifice be met with gratitude and care, may our appreciation saturate your soul.
May the open arms of your welcome home feel safe, feel good, feel right, complete, whole.

May you, if not yet returning, be brave, be safe, take care, we await your healthy return.
May the remainder of your tour be boring, uneventful, no real cause for any concern.

May you who served in years gone by, know our gratitude will never fade.
May you know we completely understand it's upon your backs our road to freedom was laid.

Thank you!

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