Saturday, January 9, 2016

Dueling Crayons and Piggy Pile Horsey Rides!


Well, the first full week of the new year has come and gone. How was it? Well, from where I sit and take my view of the world, it went pretty well.

It was back to work at the shop, where things are, gratefully, cooking right along.

It was time to de-Christmasfy the house. As always, making it seem, somehow, kind of boring, in comparison.

This week also saw the beginning of the move for our Daughter, her hubby and two and a bit little ones into their new home. Very soon they will be under a roof they can call their very own. We are so excited for them!

We are pretty lucky having all of our kids and grandkids living so close. Couldn't imagine life any other way......................

Knowing so many out there don't have the opportunity to witness the milestones, attend the recitals, watch as dueling crayons overtake a good chunk of an afternoon, or be the horsey in a piggy pile horsey ride, we don't, for one minute, forget how lucky we really are.

As this new year finds it's stride, I look forward to a few things that will, or at least have the potential of happening before 2016 is through. For one, I will turn 50 this year.

Kinda crazy...I don't think I feel 50. I say I think, because I obviously have never been 50 before, therefore have no real idea of how it should feel. All I know is this.......

Reading small things, and not so small things, is getting significantly more difficult. I know that if I sit for any length of time, my ankles and knees get pretty pissed at me, and don't want to cooperate for the first few steps.

I know putting on eye make-up, in particular, is a completely different activity than it was when I was 20. Between the eyesight thing and the squishy eyelid skin and wrinkles, it's a wonder I haven't left the house looking like a two dollar hooker or a clown or some weird love child of the two. Or, maybe I have, and people have just been polite. We are Canadian, after all. This is likely one of the reasons I don't wear make-up all that often.

I know I am more comfortable in my skin. I know it's more difficult for other peoples' opinions to influence me in any real way. Real information, yes, opinions, not so much. I have come to know there's a difference, and have gotten better at distinguishing between the two.

I know that what, and how much we eat and move around will dictate, to some degree, how we function, physically, in this world. I know it has absolutely nothing to do with how we look, and everything to do with sticking around to play this game as long and with as much fun and as many laughs as I can. I know the questions should be, do I feel strong? Am I healthy? Do I experience joy on a regular basis? Not what is the number on the scale? How low can I get the number on the label of my clothes?

I know I have a lot more to learn.......

Also this year, we are expecting our fourth Grandbaby! And, as long as the ultrasound isn't lying, it's going to be another girl!  Yay!

Then, by late Spring/early Summer I hope to publish my 5th children's book. Crazy!

I look forward to all of these, and countless other things that will happen while I'm not looking.

Oh, I'm sure the year also has a few crap storms ready to throw into the mix. After all, how else would we test our bounce-back abilities? This skill needs to be kept at ninja level....always.

As for the next few days......

Assist with our kids'  move........

Run for parts..............

Work the shop........

Run errands..............

Spend some mindless, yet entertaining time in front of the tv.................


Until next time................

May you have a day or two that can be spent in your jammies, with nowhere to go and nothing to do.
May the days that are filled, be filled well, with things that are actually important to you.

May the balance of the "have to" and "want to" hold the scale as level as a pound of flesh and a pound of decadent fudge.
May you live as you see fit, as you need to, giving no merit to those who see themselves fit to judge.

May you, if unsatisfied, unhappy, change your circumstance, change your view.
May you see, if changing all else fails to bring joy, maybe what needs changing is you.

May you see that change is growth, and to grow is fundamentally our purpose for being here.
May you see that evading change within ourselves is living a stagnant life, driven by unnecessary fear.

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