Saturday, January 30, 2016

For Instance..........Why Is That A Thing????!!


Well, in about 8 weeks, 2 slightly larger versions of these two people will have a new baby sister.

At least, that's the plan.  It could be sooner, could be later, who knows. Baby will get here when baby feels like it.

We're getting pretty excited to meet this newest addition!

With the new grandbaby getting ever closer to making her debut, I'm finding myself observing a little more closely, the world she is about inhabit.

There seems to be less and less peace. Not just globally, but personally, as well.

For instance, the whole breastfeeding in public thing. I guess my question is, how did that even become a thing? If you happen to notice someone breastfeeding in public, and it somehow offends your sensibilities, by all means, feel free to not look.

In all likelihood, this would not be the Mom's first choice for a spot to breastfeed, as there are precious few locations in the public domain that provide a comfortable place to do so. If she is breastfeeding in public, I can pretty much guarantee it isn't for the sole purpose of offending anyone, it's because her baby is hungry. Period.

I just don't get it. A baby's needs always trump

For instance, technology. My grandbabies' generation will never know life before Facebook or Smartphones. They'll never experience tv you can't pause, or enjoy the anticipation of waiting for your favourite cartoons on Saturday morning. They'll grow up in a much more automated world. Will they lose the opportunity to learn fundamental life skills in the process? Or will said life skills have evolved to the point that the skills of our generation will be obsolete?

The evolution of technology seems to be coinciding with devolution of humanity's capacity for empathy and kindness. I don't know that one has anything to do with the other, but it's interesting.

For instance, expectation of grandeur. Not everyone lives like a rock star. Most don't. Lots wouldn't want to. Only a small handful of the world's population is actually rich. The new generation needs to learn the distinction between dreams and dollar signs.

For instance, learning that the loudest person in the group with the biggest opinions is not necessarily a leader, nor should they be. They generally use their noise to drown out the scream of their fears.

All in all, it seems like a bit of a scary time to be entering the world...........Said every grandparent in history.

Luckily, cuddles, lullabies and a healthy supply of monster spray can fix almost anything.


This week has been another busy one. Busy at the shop, now that suppliers are all catching up after the holiday season, things will be kicking into overdrive.................

I was able to make some great progress on my novel.........naming so many people at once is harder than you think!

Some long neglected chores around the house were completed.........

Was able to give all three grandbabies a good squeeze.....

As for the next while.............

Assisting in the residing of a trailer............

Month end is here again................


Well, that about catches you up for now.....until next time.........

May you be certain your complaints have real merit before sharing them with the world.
May you be certain, after said, there is no retreat, a word whispered is a stone hurled.

May you, if feeling, you just say it like you see it, therefore every opinion is fair game.......
May you understand that you may simply need to change the way you see things, different picture, different frame.

May we remember not everyone in the world needs to live by our personal rules.
May we see when we try to impose ours onto others, it is we who are the fools.

See you next week!

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