Saturday, August 20, 2016

The Food Channels Get It From Somewhere..................


Well, August is half gone. You know how I can tell? The steady hum of combines that filtres through the trees, well, that, and a calendar.

Yup, it's the time of year when all the flax, canola, peas, corn and pretty much everything else that fills every cooking channel and multitudes of pinterest pages, is brought in from the field. It's the time of year when every farmer catches themselves crossing their fingers and unconsciously holding their breath, only allowing themselves to relax once every grain has made it safely to the bin.

It's long days, short nights and meals on the fly. There has been a lot of damage around here, due to excessive amounts of rain this year, and hail had a turn or two in more than a few places, as well. None the less, they will mount their combines and trucks, and work diligently to gather what remains to make sure we are all fed, and hopefully they will make enough money to pay their bills, feed their own families, and have a few laughs.

The window of time to reap what they've sown is as unpredictable as a hungry toddler who has missed their nap. They never know how long the weather will cooperate. You might have weeks of ideal weather, I, personally, have never seen that happen, but that doesn't mean it can't. No, chances are that during the process of harvesting, they will get rain and equipment will break down and cause delays. But, they will get their bounty in the bin. Sometimes snow is flying as they put the last of it away, but they get it there. They have to, if they give up, the world's food supply takes a horrible hit.

Agriculture looks different in different countries, in different cultures, but the end game is the same. Plant, do what you can to help things grow, pull your treasure off the field, then sell it so people can eat. It's really that simple, regardless of which chunk of this planet you call home.

So thanks, Farmers, both near and far, I had great meals today that included, wheat, potatoes, tomatoes, lettuce, cucumbers and a bunch of other stuff I wouldn't have if you didn't choose everyday to do what you do.

Okay, now I'm hungry.

In addition to the combine symphony, this week was another busy one.

We are, thankfully, continually busy at the shop.

I now have all of my material together for upcoming trade shows.....

I was able to make some progress on my book...........

Squeezed all four grandbabies, at least once, love it when that happens......

As for the upcoming days.........

Writing, working the shop, time with some family, all in all, pretty great.

Well folks, that about does it for another week, and take care.........

May these summer days, as they lazily drift into Autumn nights, longingly, lovingly, linger.
May you create a few more summer adventures, before routine raises an eyebrow and shakes a finger.

May you bathe in a few more dream filled sunsets as they sweep fire across the sky.
May you awaken in leisure, just a few more times, before you're forced to bid your sheets good-bye.

May you hold on to these last, lazy days, for this very special summer will never have a true echo.
May you bask in the breeze, for, soon, Autumn will jump in and hang on, and Summer will need to let go.

Until next

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