Saturday, August 27, 2016

Back To School!!! And Other Stuff!!!!!


And it begins.

The trees are newly caressed with a trickling of gold, the evening air carries a chill not felt a week ago, the strength of night has begun enforcing it's curfew upon the sun. Although it's a little sad to let go of the lazy days of summer once again, the change of the season always brings with it new adventure, new challenges, new surprises.

New beginnings are important. Some we plan, some, well, we don't. They are equally fantastic, if given the chance. We always need to remember that real courage isn't being afraid of nothing, it's being afraid, and doing it anyway..

Life can be a bit scary at times, whether you are just starting preschool, or your child is. New schools, new grades, new friends, new jobs, new homes, newly married, newly divorced, newly pregnant, new to the empty nest, or newly retired.

And those are the easy ones, when you think about it.

One of the lessons I've learned, thus far, is this. Hope for the best, have a plan for the worst, and just roll with whatever happens to come next. I believe that letting go of expectations is one the best things you can do for yourself. Go into every situation, honestly doing the best you can do, then, openly accept whatever happens. People will rarely, if ever, act in, or react to, any given situation precisely the way we would like. A waiter, a courier, a child, a parent, a spouse, a friend, a neighbour, a boss, a banker, a politician, none of them are working off of your script. Nor should they.

Dream in a way that makes your soul shine. Put yourself on a path to get you there. Be prepared to get lost a time or two, and ready to take the odd detour. Keep in mind that the real living, and the most fun take place along the way. Spend your time building a life, not just a livelihood.


Another busy week has come and gone.

Working the shop, running life's errands, listening to toddlers giggle over the phone, and squeezing a grandkid who is slowly becoming excited about the first day of grade 3.

I was able to get some time in on the novel, and do a bit of marketing for upcoming book events.

As for next week...

Work like crazy and then attend our nephew's wedding!

I will be getting some writing time in there somewhere!

Have a great week!

Until next time I'll leave you with this wish.......................

May you feel brave, be courageous, and step with confidence as you embark on this new beginning.
May you, if you stumble, get lost, or are forced to detour, take it in stride, come up grinning.

May you recognize that it's in the falls, in the detours, where life's real treasures lie.
May you see that it is in those moments we find the depth of our strength, allowing our true selves to shine.

May you stretch your perception of your capabilities, silencing the childhood voices of self-doubt.
May you realize the power of your words, your actions, wield them gently, as you're not alone on this route.

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