Saturday, December 10, 2016

Chickmunks and No Heat!


We've popped the cork on the second week of December!

Mother Nature has gone from letting us run around with a  'do I really need a jacket' frame of mind, to 'holy crap, it hurts to breathe'. The snow hasn't really hit in our immediate vicinity as of yet, which, for me, makes the sudden cold a little easier to swallow.

But, hey, we had an exceptionally beautiful November weatherwise, so that, in and of itself, shortens our winter by an entire month!

I'll take it!

This past week was spent in a hotel room writing my face off. I was able to gain some ground, for sure, just not as much as I had hoped, as this stupid hip hinders things more things than I thought possible. It's definitely making me very aware of the things I usually take for granted.

Progress is still progress, even if it isn't at the desired pace. A step is still a step.

The hotel was one that provided breakfast every morning, and, more importantly, the breakfast room had tables and chairs that worked better for writing than the desk and chair in my room. Short leg/stupid hip problems.

One morning, a young Mom came in for breakfast with her 4 year old little boy and 10 month old baby girl. I know what it's like trying to juggle a baby, yogurt and fruitloops, it seemed kinda ridiculous not to offer to help carry some of the items back to her table. Once everybody was settled in, The little guy became pretty comfortable and we began to chat.

Kids are awesome. It never seems to fail, as soon as they figure out that you are genuinely interested in what they have to say, they are more than willing to talk. By the end of our visit, he had told me all about how he is really a tiger and hunts the blue and white chickmunks, yes, I do mean chickmunks, that live in his house. He went on to explain how he washes off his tiger stripes in the sink so nobody finds out about his superpowers.

Yup, kids are awesome.

The week rounded out with baking some Christmas cookies and having the grandbabies over to decorate them.

Oh yeah, and then our furnace's blower motor decided to crap out. Yup, -30C windchill, no heat. Yay. Thankfully, we have a brother-in-law that just so happens to be a plumber, and he was able to come out and put a new one in. Furnace quit at supper time, and working again by bedtime. Thanks Will!

As for the upcoming days, there will be grandbaby snuggles, writing, a school visit, some baking, and laundry.

Well, that's it for now. Until next time.........

May the chill be kept at bay and the cold not intrude.
May warm hearts, hearths and hugs, help keep you renewed.

May there be plenty of cuddles and snuggles wrapped up in blanket nests.
May you, when forced inside by the freeze, create, enjoy, make cookies, take rests.

May you pick up once again, that guitar, that book, whatever you've been meaning to get to.
May you, when it's just too cold to go out the door, take the time to reconnect to you.

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