Saturday, December 3, 2016

Notice The Little Things............


No, I haven't moved, these are real, actual photos of our part of the world on Dec. 3/2016!

It's a bit strange, to say the least, but, I, for one will accept this lack of the white stuff with a truckload of gratitude.

Although winter doesn't actually shorten by the simple lack of snow, it sure allows us to feel that way.
The lack of sunlight, at least for me, is made much more tolerable by not being buried under 8 foot snowbanks.

Little things that make life a bit easier shouldn't go unnoticed.

Little things, well sometimes, not so little things like having kids and grandkids that are, by all basic measures, pretty healthy and happy is one thing that had a spotlight shone on it today.

Today, I met a young mom of three, her youngest, a little 18month old boy  forced to deal with a pretty rare condition. A condition that makes him allergic to most food proteins. The kicker is that there is no way of knowing what foods will make him sick until about 6-8 hours after eating.  Right now, he has three safe foods, carrots, apples, and quinoa.

I can't imagine the dread and anxiety that must go through both the parents and the little one each time they try a new food or drink.

Something as basic as feeding your child, made so difficult.

Notice the little things, I know I will.


So, this week has passed pretty quickly. I'm still a part-time couch jockey, with a date with a physiotherapist, but I'm more than grateful for the fact that I am an otherwise pretty dang healthy woman who has had the privilege of celebrating a 50th birthday, and has no reason to think I shouldn't have the further privilege of celebrating many more.

A few more snowman made the migration from the basement...............

Today, I participated in a great little tradeshow in Colonsay, Sk. Small town shows are awesome!

As for the upcoming week..................

Squeeze some grandbabies............

Write, write, and write some more! I will be strapped to my laptop for the majority of the upcoming week. I'm hoping to make a huge dent in the back half of my novel.

Well folks, that about does it for now. Until next time.....with a certain little one in mind....

May you find, when things are darkest, the courage to keep you going strong.
May you know, when doubt hits, decisions founded in love are rarely wrong,

May time bring solutions, options, countless ways to make things better.
May you, in the meantime, wear the support around you like a favourite sweater.

May you celebrate every victory, however slight it may seem.
May this, someday, become an awful memory, a distant, bad dream.

Until next time..........

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