Friday, December 30, 2016

Family.......A Beautifully Flawed Work In Infinite Progress...Happy New Year!

Family...a word that, as far as I can tell, has no absolute definition. It means something different to everyone.

Family is but a liquid entity that shape-shifts without warning, changing in size and depth as the calendar inevitably flips. It has the ability to encompass both those with whom we share intricate strands of colourful DNA, and those with whom we can share everything but.

For some, this word can evoke feelings of abandonment, feelings of neglect, feelings of insecurity, even fear. My hope is that for the majority of humanity, this is not the case. My hope is that the word "family" is a warm embrace full of comfort and unconditional love. The reality is, that for most of us, "family" drops somewhere in between.

Perfect is impossible. A family could only achieve perfection if humans had no hand in its makeup, no hand in the nurturing, decision-making, nor guidance of offspring.

So, once perfection is taken off of the table, what are we left with?

We are left with a messy, sometimes miserable, hectic, squishy, argumentative, funny, absurd, beautifully flawed work in infinite progress filled with those who would be there in a heartbeat if we needed them to be.

As we walk into this ever-unpredictable new year, embrace the messy, let go of the perfect. Trying to achieve something that can't exist can do nothing but make you feel like you're somehow, or in some way "less than". Your family, your life are uniquely yours. Live it without apologies or explanations, without filtres, without edits. Live all of it, not just the highlights that make it to facebook.


Needless to say, the past week was busy. Busy, hectic, fun, and full of plenty of laughs. Oh, and cookies, yeah, and pie.

I hope these words find you happy and healthy and ready to dive into 2017. I, for one, am planning to cannonball that baby. making the biggest splash I possibly can. How about you?

Until next time I'll leave you with this wish as the calendar flips, yet again.


May you ring in the new year with joy, with optimism, with grace, in whatever way makes you smile.
May you ring it in with intent, with purpose, with a splash, dive in, make it worthwhile.

May you see the year ahead as a blank canvass, patiently waiting for the stroke of your brush.
May you paint boldly, with confidence, for your colours are brilliant, be deliberate, don't rush.

May you make, in the months to come, memories begging to be retold by a smiling voice aged by the adventures you have yet to live.
May you create and build upon precious moments, weather the tough ones, try your best not to hurt others, give yourself a gift, forgive.

Happy New Year!!!!!!

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