Saturday, December 24, 2016

Whatever Your Celebration, Do It Up!

Our Christmas table last year, and the munchkins that will be seated at it this year. Every year our family grows. This year by one Little Miss Izzy, who made her presence felt last year, but didn't officially appear until April fool's day.

We are forever grateful to have the opportunity to gather these faces together, not a care in the world other than who will win the various board games.

Take your joy, hold it, squeeze it, let it erupt, covering all that surrounds you. This time of year can be hard for so many, for so many different reasons. You never know how deeply a kind gesture or thoughtful word can touch a troubled heart. It takes so little effort and costs nothing, yet can have the power to help lift the heaviest of burdens.

Whatever your holiday, whatever your traditions, whatever reason you might be getting together with loved ones, do it up. Take this time to appreciate without complication, without condition, without hindrance. Leave any differences at the door, you're not likely to solve the world's problems over turkey and pie anyway.

Speaking of pie, I still have a couple to make, so I better wrap this up.

No two Christmases are created equal. There are new faces, aged faces, more grown-up faces, but also the faces we will no longer get to see. The missed faces.

It's tough, it get's more tolerable with time, but never easy. It helps to keep in mind that though we miss them, we can also honour their memory by giving the gift of joy to our littles. If the littles see that we can miss them, yet genuinely smile, they can absorb the fact that happiness is possible after loss. It changes, but it's possible.

And that, my friends, does it for now.  Have a great time!

Until next time......

May your deepest wishes come true, reliving the bright-eyed wonderment of your earliest years.
May you know that nothing is impossible, nothing beyond reach, the only hindrance, unfounded fears.

May the joy this season brings, spill out and carry on for the days, weeks, and months that lie ahead.
May you share it in every way you can, with everyone you can, it just might help someone, let it spread.

May laughter echo through your home, and may the magic felt by your littles be contagious.
May you be utterly consumed by warmth and love, the joy simply uncontainable and outrageous.

Until next time! Happy Holidays!!!!!!!

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