Saturday, February 18, 2017

Down The Rabbit Hole.......Not Always A Bad Thing


When you hear the expression "down the rabbit hole", someone is usually referring to some surreal situation, and way more often than not, not in a good way.

Sometimes life throws us into unfamiliar places where things, at least at first, don't make a lot of sense.  It can feel like you've stepped through the looking glass while following a yellow brick road.

When this happens, it can be hard not to feel overwhelmed by the anxious rabbits, cheshire cats, wicked witches, and let's not forget the tweedledees and tweedledums. It can be tough to know who to trust, who to believe, who, actually, is who they seem to be.

New towns, new people, new jobs, new bosses, new schools, new's endless, really.

When you get your footing, your balance, let your eyes adjust to the new landscape, the time of adjustment sets in. If the new situation is temporary it can be fairly easy and pretty painless. If the situation is permanent, the adjustment period is generally tougher, longer, and can leave a mark or two.

But rabbit holes aren't always a bad thing.

My mind can't help but go to the refugees that have made their way on foot from the United States to Canada over the last few weeks. They are traveling through the dead of night in the bitter cold, carrying their few belongings on their backs, some with kids.

They are cold, terrified and unsure. This abysmal march.... we.... we are their rabbit hole. Once assured that they are safe, they are warmed, fed, given medical care, the processing of their refugee status begins and the first baby steps of their journey of adjustment are taken.

When we hear the expression "down the rabbit hole", it rarely is means anything good. Unless of course, you're a rabbit, then it simply means you're home.


This has been an interesting week! Had one grandson turn five and another turn nine! It's crazy!

We went to the movie "La La Land" and loved it. It took me back to Sunday afternoons as a kid, when one of our two tv channels would sometimes show old movies. Abbott and Costello, Casablanca, and sometimes they would show my favourite genre of movie. The musical. Fred and Ginger, Gene Kelly, Debbie Reynolds, Donald O'Connor, all of them. I loved getting lost in the stories, the music, the dancing, the beauty of all of it. They were fantastic!

Oh I also did some work, laundry, blah blah blah..........

Squeezed every grandkid at least once!

As for the upcoming days.......

Some visiting, some working, some writing, maybe a few more grandbaby squeezes!


Well, that about does it for another those for whom we are the rabbit hole

May you know you are safe now, the hard part is over, you are here.
May the terrors that haunt your sleep subside, may peace replace your fear.

May the tears of grief shed for those you had to leave behind be replaced with those of delight.
May the ache of dread be freed from your soul, in its stead a belly sore from laughing through the night.

May the scars of what you've seen and what you've been through, heal with gentle time.
May you find your balance, take in your new landscape, there is no end to how high you can climb.

May you find happiness, breathe deep, breathe free, for there is endless space in which to roam.
May you, though you were forced to leave the place of your birth, know that you are now home.

Until next time

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