Saturday, February 11, 2017

The Age Of Discovery.........................


Soooooooo, you have to admit, I've been showing some pretty impressive restraint regarding this face. This face belonging to our freshest grandbaby, Bizzy Izzy.

This lovable little ginger will soon be but one month shy of an entire year old, the age of discovery. Discovering lots of things, like real mobility,  like if you climb Grandma just right you can become the nosy neighbour, and the fact that Grandma keeps movies at toddler level. 

Although the first few years of our lives are indisputably the ones in which we learn and discover more than in any other snapshot of our years, I'm not sure if I would label it "the" age of discovery. As we all know, discovering never ends.

After all, every chapter from munchkin to menopause provides its own merit and merriment. 

As a baby, tasting everything is everything. A toddler, unicorns fly spaceships and play the piano. This is followed closely by the discovery of knock knock jokes, learning to make friends with those to whom you aren't related and playground etiquette. Then comes the drama of the preteen, puberty and the tough transition that takes place during those teenage years. 

Now you're an adult, right? You are finally in charge of your own life, you can make all of your own decisions, you got this!

Except, the first thing you discover is that you don't know nearly as much as you thought. The next thing? Adulting is hard. You make mistakes, some bigger than others. Some harder to recover from than others. You make friends that turn out to be anything but. You make decisions, but not all of them have a great outcome. You make questionable choices in jobs, romances, fashion, and nutrition. You make friends who are actual friends. You begin to make real and solid footprints on the path that will become your life.

You go along, building a life, building memories, waiting for that magic epiphany. That incredible moment when you look in the mirror and see a grown up. That point in time when you are secure in the knowledge that you actually do, in fact, got this. 

I, for one, am still waiting. 

Discovery? Well, that still happens daily. I discover new reasons to adore the man I've been lucky enough to call my husband for almost 30 years. I've discovered that I've held myself responsible for a lot of things in life for which I had absolutely no right to lay claim. I'm discovering, every day, that cutting myself some slack for being human isn't the worst thing.


The past days have been busy with working, (yup, still from home) doing physio "exercises,"
and a double night sleepover with our three youngest grandbabies.

In the next few days....

Attend a grandbaby birthday party, work, and WRITE!

That about does it for now.....

Until next time....

May all of your discoveries be helpful, one way or another.
May they make clear the things worth your time, and the things for which you needn't bother.

May they show you what's real, true colours, what lies behind, beneath and between words spoken.
May they give you insight into what your journey truly needs, light the path that leaves you least broken.

May you discover within yourself new talents, new desires, new ideas, new ways to bring you joy.
May you discover all things that make your walk through this life something spectacular to enjoy.

Until next time............ 

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