Saturday, February 25, 2017

Mirror Mirror On The Wall.......................


Three-year-olds are magical little people. They live in a world where absolutely everything is not just possible, but indeed, extremely likely.

They have yet to be weighed down by the sad fact that even if we wish as hard as we can and cover ourselves in pixie dust we, in fact, can not fly. They are blissfully untainted by things like facts and reality. These silly annoyances simply don't apply.

These are photos of our little granddaughter, Laney. She was having a sleepover at one of her Auntie's houses, that Auntie, unable to resist capturing these moments of make-believe. I'm sure as Laney soaked in her reflection, applying makeup with insistent self-sufficiency, she gave absolutely no thought to any perceived flaws, she saw nothing that wasn't completely beautiful.

It begs the question. When do we first become aware we have imperfections?

The answer has to be different for everyone.

For some, it's a backhanded comment from some family friend or relative. For others, a sibling or peer from school says something hurtful that sticks. For yet others, it's a coach, a teacher or a parent. For all, it's something or someone outside of ourselves.

As we grow up, we seem to find things that amplify and reinforce those thoughts. We take personally, at least in part, ads in magazines, commercials on tv, images in movies. Like they, in their very existence, are magnifying what we now see as our flaws. It's like every air-brushed model=one more thing wrong with me. Every chiseled form in an action movie = a spotlight on stretch marks, wrinkles and the not-so-six-pack.

Can we protect the self-proclaimed flawless three-year-olds? Realistically? Not likely, at least not completely. Can we give them the tools to deal? I think so.

Armed with a healthy self-worth wherein others perception and opinion of how you look matters less than how many times a sloth blinks in a year, I thnk so.

Armed with the knowledge that it doesn't matter one iota if you can't fill out, or you spill out of Victoria's finest secrets, I think so.

Armed with just enough bad-ass, smart-ass, and humour to stand up, hold their ground and find the funny, I think so.

Armed with the solid knowledge that every single person on this planet has their very own unique set of flaws, and it's exactly that that makes us awesome, I think so.

Mirror mirror on the wall whose the fairest of them all?  Ummmm..... Nobody gives a crap!


Another week has flown by filled with grandbaby giggles, work, and writing.

In the days to, writing, errands and other fabulousness

That's about it for now, until next time..........

May you look in the mirror through the eyes of the three-year-old you.
May you see the beautiful, the perfection, for you are, after all, perfectly you.

May you go back to the moment your innocent reflection was distorted, rescuing your earlier self, here's how.
May you stand up for the you of then, forever changing the ugly deep down darkened voice of the you of now.

May you see that you are an incredible reflection of your journey, not some two dimensional photo of  a false ideal.
May you see that what you are is so much more, with more depth, more meaning, more true beauty, for you are phenomenally real.

Ta ta for now.............

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