Sunday, May 29, 2011

Moms, Uncles, and Tradeshows, Oh My!

Hiya folks!

Well, I must say, the Kindersley Spring Home Business Trade Show was a great show. It was very well organized, and run really well. There was a terrific variety of businesses, and lot great people that run them.

I had a couple of enthusiastic helpers in my Mom and Uncle Tom, and I can pretty much guarantee that the other vendors were extremely happy that I brought them along. They weren't just enthusiastic helpers, they were very talented shoppers as well!

Then, as an end to a great day, when I got home, my hubby and I went down to our local pub for a rib supper, a fundraiser for our local "relay for life" team. They had a good crowd and the food was great. Good luck in the relay next weekend in Outlook!

Also, this week, the other 3 Lexi puppets were completed and are home! They look awesome! Thank you, Amy!

I'm getting so excited about getting them complete with clothes, so I can get my "test group", aka grandson, nieces, and the little girl I care for, playing with her and giving her a good test drive.

I'm hoping to get together with Lori, the sewing goddess, this coming weekend, while I'm in North Battleford, and see how things are progressing. Maybe a trip to a fabric store, or something, I really don't know. The whole sewing thing is completely foreign to me. Thank God I know brilliant people!

And that, my friends, brings me to the activities for the upcoming week!

As the teachers are on a "work to rule" action this week, my readings in North Battleford should still be a go. I hope it doesn't change. Six schools in one day is a new challenge, and I think, a very enjoyable one to undertake. I mean, it's just not possible to have a bad time looking into the smiling faces of about 100 or so munchkins throughout the day!

I'm looking so forward to the day itself, and then, to spend time with some of my best and oldest friends on the planet as a top off to the day? Who could ask for anything better?

Also this week, I am giving myself a stern talking to about finally sitting down and starting to learn to play the guitar.  Hopefully, I will have some kind of progress to report on that front, before too long.

I also have new ideas for some stories that need to get jotted down and maybe fleshed out a bit. They are just kind of flying around in there willy nilly right now, so I need to tie them down a little and get them moving in a direction that makes sense.

Now, my friends, my hubby and I are going to go out to our local golf course where they put on an incredible brunch.

Thanks so much for putting up with my ramblings!

Until Next Week!

May every seed you seed, sprout and grow as if it has wings.
May every plant you plant  flourish with ease and enthusiasm, and produce beautiful things.

May every iota of positivity in your life grow as strong, and be as hearty as a prairie dandelion.
May it be as hard to squelch or kill, no matter how hard some people may be tryin'.

May your good fortune put down roots as deep and as a mighty redwood or a giant oak.
May your week be as bright as a field of wild flowers, and like a bath,  may you lie in the brightness and soak.

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