Sunday, October 30, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween Everybody!!

Well I hope your week of pumpkin carving, and figuring out costumes went well. It went pretty well on this end of things, I was able to put together the final touches on Friday night. 

The week started out with both the hubby and I feeling pretty rough, not the best timing with a show to do at the end of the week! Not to mention it puts a slow down on the project of "what will be my new beautiful bathroom"!

On the bathroom front, we now have jets! Jets that work, and don't leak! Yay! Now, after a few more test runs, we can build the skirting and finish up the rest of the room!!!!!!! Almost there!

On the book front, I am still not so patiently waiting for news about both the Lexi puppets, and the book review thingy.  Waiting. I'm really hoping they want to move forward with the puppets right away, I've had phone calls from people wanting to order them already. I'm taking that as a promising sign. Maybe I should email the broker and let them know of the demand, it might nudge things in my favor, right? Or, is that being too pushy? Not sure what to do.

I did get an email from McNally this week to drop off another dozen Lexi's. They were sold out of both books in Winnipeg again! They still had enough Crazys in stock at the Saskatoon store to send some ahead, but needed more Lexi's to ship.  Blows my mind!!!!

So that brings us to the Halloween show last night.  Health wise, I wasn't quite up to 100%.  Yeah, I don't normally work up a sweat just holding a mic, and definitely don't usually run short of breathe from singing like I've just run for miles! Had a few wobbly moments, but it all turned out fine. Thankfully my hubby was feeling better. It would not be a good thing if we both felt like crap for a show!

The costumes last night were awesome! There were pirates and aliens, wizards and cowboys, devils and skeletons, even Mary Poppins made an appearance. I'll be posting some pics on our Rainbow Entertainment Facebook page if you want to take a peek at our evening.

Now, for the upcoming week. 

Monday, we need to get home in time for Trick or Treaters. If not, I might have to get the neighbour to hand out our candy.

The rest of the week, I need to get everything ready for the two day Mistletoe trade show in North Battleford next weekend. I'm really looking forward to it. My oldest daughter is coming along as a helper, plus my awesome friend, Dana is going to be helping as well. I can't say it enough, THANK YOU DANA!
She will be helping, hosting, playing chauffeur. An incredible friend!

Now, I don't want to mislead you. The trade show will not be all work and no play. There could very well be gratuitous consumption of cocktails, Saturday evening, when another old friend will be joining our little group. All in all, it promises to be a great time. I can't wait!

Well, that's it for now. Have a great Halloween, and an awesome week to follow.

Thanks so much for reading these ramblings. To everyone who reads from Brazil, to Australia to the UK to here at home, thank you.

Until Next Week,

May any ghosts and goblins visiting your home, be of the harmless, munchkin variety.
May they be so cute, you forget you're basically handing candy to door to door beggars as charity.

May your bowl of treats be bottomless, and your trick or treaters be sweet and polite.
May you avoid getting toilet papered, soaped, or egged, by handing out "good" treats that night.

May your doorbell stop ringing at whatever time you would like to call it a day.
May all the kids in your neighbourhood be tired by then, may they all have hit the hay.

May you have a great Halloween enjoy it, take it in, all you ghouls and boys.
May you just know that if you shop, Nov.1st, you'll be hit with Christmas noise!

See you next week!

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