Monday, October 3, 2011

Turkeys, Toilets, and TradeShows!

Wow, what a week!

First off, let me assure you that I am well aware that the photo I've chosen for this week's blog may be a little, well, off topic. There is a reason for this. Last Sunday, for the Word on the Street Festival, my camera was left sitting on the table, where I was sure to remember to take it.

This weekend, for the Unity Trade Show, I definitely remembered the camera. I even remembered to think to charge it up. Imagine my surprise on arrival, when I discovered the battery was deader than a door nail!

As a result, I have not one single pic from either the Street Festival or the Trade Show. So, instead, I thought I'd take a pic of the tree in my front yard. Hey, if all else fails, you can never go wrong with a photo of autumn leaves!

Now, about the Word on the Street Festival! It was pretty great, I have to say. It is, for the book lovers of the world, an amusement park of the written word. There are booths for every type of book. Ones for children, adults, fiction, non-fiction and a giant space filled with all kinds of graphic novels,

There are poetry slams and improv comedy, and readings by authors on everything from gardening to growing up in a Hutterite colony.

Through it all, Lexi and Crazy found their way into quite a few more homes, and I had the opportunity to share booth space with a Canadian best selling author. Her name is Mary Ann Kirby, the book is I am Hutterite. A really interesting read. She is a fountain of knowledge and, I believe, the first self-published author to become a best seller. Proof it can be done!

I hope Saskatoon is able to host another one next year, I'd love to be part of it again.

The remainder of last week was spent prepping for the Unity Trade Show, wrangling babies, and, of course, working on what will be my new beautiful bathroom.

Bathroom update: the last of the mudding and sanding is being completed and all of the necassary holes are in the floor for water lines and sewer and whatnot. I will hopefully be painting on Wednesday!Yay! (not even a sarcastic yay!)

That brings us to the Trade Show in Unity. It was held on Friday from 3pm-9pm and Saturday from 9am-4pm. I think there were about 60 different vendors selling eveything from jewellery to wooden crafts to organic food, to me, selling books.

My Mom was my helper for the weekend and was a real trooper. she was just getting over a cold and finds it hard to put in the long hours. Thanks Mom!

During the show, a rep from the local paper came and did an interview. Hopefully, I kind of sounded like I had a clue, I guess we'll see when it comes out!

Lexi and Crazy again made their way into several more homes.

Oh, I almost forgot! At the street festival, Mary Ann was able to tell me how I could go about having my books reviewed. To get a favourable review from the National Review Board could be a real stepping stone to other things.  Here's hoping they fall in love with Super Lexi and Chocolate Pudding Baths!

Well folks, that's pretty much it for last week.

This week,
Baby wrangling.
I need to finish drafting letters to the toy broker people.
I hopefully get to paint my bathroom!
I also need to finish up the application to the disaster relief people and get it sent in.
Also on the agenda for the week is to touch base with the lady hosting the Halloween gig we are doing to get details about contests and prizes etc.
Oh yeah, I need to buy a turkey and drop it off at my eldest daughter's house. She and her hubby have graciously offered to host thanksgiving this weekend, as I still have a toilet in my dining room.

Until Next Week!

May your week be filled with contentment, laughter, and love.
May you feel the peace we imagine, when we see the proverbial dove.

May you, in the spirit of giving thanks, perform a random act of being kind.
May the receivers pay it forward to others, and so forth, til the end of time.

May we truly be thankful for every single thing that we are given.
May we understand in our souls, that of "stuff"  I am not refering.

Thanks so much for reading these ramblings!

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