Saturday, December 3, 2011

3 More Weeks! What?!

Hi All!

Wow! December is here!  Let the Games Begin!

I have to admit I'm feeling a little blah.  This is the first year, in I don't know how long, that I don't have my entire house dripping in snowmen and mistletoe by now. So hard to decorate around the construction zone that insists on still living in my house.  Oh well, I'm pretty sure, as catastrophic events go, this doesn't even show up on the radar.

As long as we can get the basement semi habitable, and the bathroom completed by the time the kids show up for Christmas, I will be more than a happy camper!

This week's picture shows a glimpse of the "face" I was talking about last week. This is a shot from last year's festivities.  I was just thinking how the world would be a much happier place if we all constantly had that look on our faces.  On second thought, it might more realistically translate into a lot of Christmas parties ending with alot of people wearing pretty white jackets that make you hug yourself.


This week went pretty well.

When I got to work on Monday I was surprised and a little saddened to see the 2 year old twins I care for, sitting in big boy booster seats instead of high chairs! They were grinning from ear to ear, completely pleased with themselves. They are too cute sometimes.

Tuesday, although not at all happy about the circumstance, I was able to spend a little time with a couple of cousins I grew up with. I was so glad to see them, but was only able to because their Dad is in the hospital and having a pretty tough time.  My heart goes out to them, and all those facing a similar situation, especially at this time of year.

Wednesday was filled with the usual things. Dentist, laundry, cooking, cleaning, answering emails and phone calls. All of the typical noise. Oh yeah, and trying to figure out the lure of twitter. I'm not sure if I understand the advantage of using twitter for the average Joe.  I mean, for people who know you, they already have your home number, cell number, email address, your actual address, and have you on facebook. Is twitter just in case they can't call, leave a message,text you, email you, poke you, or, oh, I don't know, stop by?

For those you don't know, they wouldn't be "following" you anyway. And  if they do want to follow you.......why? I'm just not sure where else in this world we invite total strangers to "follow" us. I totally get why celebrities do it and why people might be fascinated to "follow" them. But, just for regular people like you and me? I don't get it, at least not yet. But, that's just me.

Thursday, I was able to meet a dear friend for lunch, a great visit, and, yes a little shopping. All in all, a pretty good day.

Friday had me waking up to hazardous roads, and a hubby who couldn't do a lot of moving north of the shoulder blades. He whacked the back of his head on his way out from under an RV at work and woke up in a lot of pain. But, the trooper that he is, was going to try and tough it out. That's when he went outside and soon discovered there had been some freezing rain overnight. He jumped in the car to see if it was as bad as we thought it might be, it was worse. So the combination of ice covered roads and injuries postponed our trip into Saskatoon until later that day.

Thankfully, the salt trucks were out by then, so the highway wasn't too bad. The hubby had taken advantage of the extra time to try and get the pain in his neck and shoulders under control. With that, along with the baby elephant that was threatening to take up residence in my chest, (a nice byproduct that comes with working with the less than snot free members of society) we were on our way to do the show for the swing dancers!

Other than dealing with a wind that would have made Dorothy nervous, we were able to set up without incident. Yay!

The show itself was......interesting. It's not often we are among the "kids" in the crowd these days. The swing dancers I was so worried about disappointing turned out to be one couple who, although appreciative of the swing stuff, was pretty much happy with anything from earlier than 1965.

We had a couple of singers, some requests, and, for the first time ever, we were home, in our house, after a show 75 miles away, by 1:15am! They had begun with supper and cocktails at 6:00pm so they were fairly done by 11. They were all having a good time, dancing, laughing, singing from the tables, then I guess it was just bed time or something. Strangest thing.

So, after a night of hubby trying not to turn his head, and me taking Buckley's, sucking on throat lozenges, and drinking vitamin water we can mark another successful, though unusual, show into the books.

So, for the upcoming week,
*Remind you all that Lexi and Crazy make great stocking stuffers! (shameless plug)
*Start getting organized for girl guide party on the 16th
*hopefully completely finish Christmas shopping
*take up internal elephant hunting

With preparation for the holidays at the forefront, here is my wish for you this week.

May all the cookies you bake come out like the picture in the book.
May the Christmas cleaning elves show up to polish every nook.

May any projects hanging on, be completed, with plenty of time to spare.
May all of your gifts look like Martha Stewart had placed the bow perfectly there.

May every one of  your meals be a creation that would make your Grandma grin.
May you enjoy this hectic, happy time, everyone's happy, it's a win.

Until next week! Take Care!

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