Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year! 2012 Here We Come!

Well, Heeellllooooooooo!

You guessed it! The above pictures depict my very close to being completed "new beautiful bathroom"!

All that is left is to change out the door leading into my bedroom, and put up the tile. The tile will cover the top of the apron around the tub as well as the first 4 inches or so of the vertical sides.  It will also go up as trim where the tub meets the wall.

We took it from 11 1/2' x 12', to 11 1/2' x 15'.

And that brings us to the conclusion of the "new beautiful bathroom" saga!

Now, I hope all of you have enjoyed a great holiday week. Lots of time with family and friends, time to curl up and watch old cheesy movies, play board games, and eat obscene amounts of junk food.

With 2012 starting as I touch the floor in the morning, I kind of find myself looking forward to the upcoming year with excitement and a wee bit of aprehension. I have a feeling this could very well be a very incredible year as far as this whole writing thing goes.

It's going to be a year of sending another one of my book babies out into the world to be judged, which is very scary. It's most likely going to be a year where, in order to keep things going, I will need to do things way outside of my comfort zone, yet again. I'll tell you one thing about that, though. The more I do it, the less scary that whole thing becomes. I do it, I don't die, and I move on to the next one. I still get sweaty palms, absolutely, but I don't think anyone has ever died of sweaty palms, so it's all good.

So 2012, here we come! We are ready for whatever you have to offer!

In the upcoming week:

It's back to work. I'm looking forward to seeing my munchkins.
Need to get income tax stuff ready for the accountant. (all together now....yay)
I need to get down to business about getting the next book ready for Hazel. I want to have it ready by March.
I need to check in with the disaster relief people and see where we are standing with that whole thing.

So, as we start out in this new year together, I send you this wish.

May your 2012 begin on a good note, and may that sweet music continue all year long.
May your good times far outnumber the tough ones, with way more going right than wrong.

May any new endeavors bring you only the best kinds of challenges, ones that make you bend deeply, but not break.
May you discover new strengths and capabilities that push you to leave any hardships in your wake.

May your new year bring you, love, joy and peace, in whatever form is recognized by your soul.
May you know them when you see them, as sometimes, blessings aren't shouted from the mountain top, but whispered from a hole.

Now, folks I need to go get ready for my baby sis and her family who are coming to bring in the new year with us.

Until Next Week!

Happy New Year!

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