Saturday, June 16, 2012

Father`s Day, And Munchkin Follies!

Hi, All!

I thought I should follow through on my threat to put a new pic of Jake on here. I know I'm biased and all, but, Dang! Is that kid cute or what?!

Well, now that that is out of my system, on with the happenings of the week.

Let me start with a question. How many of you can say you were greeted, upon entering your place of work, by someone with not one, but two, brightly coloured stuffed hamsters strategically placed in their shirt, announcing proudly that they have boobs, and, are now, officially, a woman!?


Well, before this week, my answer to that question would have been no, as well. Not anymore, for, yesterday, this is exactly how I began my work day. Ahhhh, seven year old further explanation necessary.

If you will indulge me, I have one other story involving a child. It is a romantic tragedy, really. The Romeo and Juliet of the preschool set, if you will.

My daughter, Codey, had taken Ethan to the park. There, across the crowded monkey bars, he noticed a lovely, raven haired little beauty. She was a younger woman, maybe an entire year his junior, meaning she probably only attends preschool a mere twice a week, like the other three year olds, unlike the gruelling schedule of thrice weekly, as that of his much more mature, four year old peers.

As his bold nature would dictate, he immediately ran to her to introduce himself, of course including his middle name, as that is of great importance, especially when you get in trouble with your mother. He then extended a rather exuberant invitation to join him in his quest to frolic thoroughly throughout the entire playground.

As her nature was much more subdued and, dare I say bashful than he, his invitation was met with the speedy turn of a skirt and a dash in the opposite direction. It sadly, wasn't meant to be.

Not to be deterred, young Ethan began to give chase to the fair maiden, only to be discouraged by his Auntie, and counselled to the possibility that she may not enjoy such an overt gesture. He was further counselled that she may be shy in nature and, if given adequate space, may feel more comfortable joining him of her own accord.

Upon receiving this counsel, Ethan turned to his beloved Auntie and declared, and I quote, ``But, Auntie, she puts hearts in my eyeballs!``

True story.

Mild by comparison, the remainder of my week was pretty normal. It was spent putting the finishing touches on the music for next week`s wedding, attending to my website issue, which I am assured will be rectified very soon, working, running errands, and playing silly games with a funny little redhead.(AKA my niece).

So, for the upcoming week................

I will need to get in touch with the event coordinator at McNally and set a date for a reading and signing for ``Tags``

Start, as I seem to have failed to in the past seven days, a press release for both new books.

Tend to any last minute details for next Saturday`s nuptials.

And that should do it.

Thanks to all for the lovely feedback on the cover for ``Wishes``, it really is greatly appreciated.

So, as Father`s Day is upon us, I would like to dedicate this week`s wishes to the Dads...............

May you know that what you do really matters, even if you are rarely ever thanked.
May you know that all the ``I love you`s`` you say, though,often met by an eye roll, are banked.

May you know, because of you, I know exactly how I deserve to be treated, almost akin to royalty.
May you know , because of you, I accept nothing less than respect, love, and loyalty.

May you know, because of you, I know truly good men exist beyond the imagination of a romance author.
May you know, because of you, I know how a real man should treat his childrens`mother.

May you know, because of you, I know real men can show emotion and be kind, as well as protect and defend.
May you know, because of you, I truly understand, a real man, will chase happiness for those he loves to earth`s end.

Happy Father`s Day to all, but, especially, my Honey!

Until Next Week!

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