Saturday, June 23, 2012

Summer! Oh Yeah!!!!

Ahhhhhh, Summer is officially here! For those of us in this part of the world, anyway. I was finally able to enjoy a morning cup of coffee on my deck. I know it probably seems silly to most of you, but that is something I start looking forward to starting in February. The weather has been a bit on the soggy side, to say the least, and on the odd day when it hasn't been raining and/or miserably cold, I haven't been home! So, yes, even though it may be silly, I so thoroughly enjoyed my morning java fix. Now..... time to get after the day!

But, first I should let you know what has and hasn't happened in the past week.

First, the bad news..............

I received a letter from the Sundog Craft Show, and once again they don't have room for me. I am on a waiting list, however, in case they get any cancellations. I'm not going to hold my breath.

Also in the "not happened" column lives my press release. I know I need to do it, but am finding it difficult to write, for some reason. Bit of a block where it's concerned. I need to bust through that hurdle very soon.

My website is still down, hopefully I will have good news on that front very soon!!!!!!

Now for the good news!!!!!!!!!!

I have a date set for a signing for both  "Tags Go In The Back", and "Everyday Wishes For Your Extraordinary Life"! I'd love to see you all there! It will be at McNally Robinson Booksellers in Saskatoon, on Saturday, September 1st at 1pm.

Because this one is a bit different, with "Wishes" and all, I've opted out of doing the reading, and going to just do the signing instead. Again, I'm going by my gut, and the seat of my pants, I hope I'm making the right choice. Only time will tell, as usual.

This week also saw me putting the final touches on the music for the wedding we are doing this evening, and putting the first touches on the wedding we are doing in a few weeks. I love the fact that every wedding is so different, the tastes in music, the traditions, or lack thereof, the people themselves. I guess I just love weddings, and we are always so honoured to be part of this special day. Our goal, always, as with any gig, but especially weddings, is to make sure every single person there has a great time. Whether you are 2 or 92, we want you to walk away at the end of the evening thinkin' "Dang! Now, THAT was fun!"

Now, for today, and the upcoming week.........................

As soon as I finish here, we need to start packing up and getting ready for today's wedding. Equipment, camera, snacks, energy drinks ( will be about a 19 or 21 hour day by the time we get home ), ride home clothes and wedding info sheet (first song, MC name, etc).

I also need to get dressed, do hair etc. and have it stay looking half decent through a 2 1/2hour drive in a truck with no air conditioning and setting up equipment. From the time of getting "prettied up" to "showtime" is about 5 hours, most of which will be spent sweating, not to mention the 6 hour gig itself. I need industrial make up and hair stuff! Lol

This week will also involve seriously diving in to the music our next wedding.

Press release. ( at some point the right words just have go come to me, right? )

May do some research into doing a couple more smaller trade shows, as I have an opening in my schedule because of Sundog.

Get set for upcoming long weekend! (Who knows what it will bring!)

Holy Crap! I just looked at the clock, I better get at it!

Until Next Week I'll leave you with this wish.......

May your summer days be long and lazy, filled with frothy drinks and time in a lake pulling oars.
May they, if you'd rather, include hours in a boat, on a beach, playing games, and making s'mores.

May it include time with family and friends, bar-b-ques, story telling and epic water fights.
May it be clear, at least mostly, of sunburns, wipeouts, road rashes, and mosquito bites.

May every day stretch out before you as some grand adventure just waiting to unfold.
May you take full advantage of every single one, it's a time for fun for all, young and old.

Have a Great Week! Until Next Time......Thanks for reading these ramblings!

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