Friday, August 3, 2012

Big Picture Fatigue!


Often you hear people talking about looking at the "big picture." Hey, I'm all for looking at things from a grander perspective than our day to day lives tend to allow. But, sometimes, just sometimes, I think there is absolute merit in honing your focus on what lies directly in front of you.

Sometimes the traffic in the background of the wider shot can be nothing but a distraction. Maybe sometimes it serves no other purpose than to pull our attention from what resides at the tip of our nose. Sometimes, giving the lion's share of our full energy into the tasks and people closest to us is just as important, if not more so, than spreading ourselves so thin across the abyss that is the "big picture."

Or maybe....just maybe.... I am completely full of crap and am writing this when I am waayyyy toooo tired to do so properly. You be the judge.


The past seven days have included several failed attempts at sleeping in. I long for the days when, short of a tornado touching down on my head, I could have easily slept until noon. Even though I haven't achieved "sleep in," I have slept past 4:45am every day of my holidays so far. That, was my goal, after all. So not a complete fail.

Oh, and..........wait for it..........I finished that #@&*ing press release, and released it! Here's hoping somebody reads it! I ended up scrapping everything I had done and punched one out in about an hour. Sometimes, those kinds of things turn out better than the things you stew about for days. Sometimes.

This week also was witness to my hubby's last day of work. A Sad/happy/hurtful/angry/peaceful/anxious day.

Some ground work has definitely been laid for future endeavors.(part of the reason I'm so tired) I'll keep you posted.

And, I know one bride who will be happy to be informed that I also was able to put the finishing touches on the wedding for tomorrow. We are really looking forward to it. We both need to burn off some steam. DJing a wedding where you are almost guaranteed to need to participate in a game of "name the drunk uncle" is probably not the way most people do it, but hey, since when do we do anything like most people?

Anyway so that concludes the adventures from last week.....onward and upward.......

The upcoming week includes.......

The aforementioned wedding tomorrow.( Where I will unabashedly encourage people to behave in ways that they hope will not show up on facebook)

Continue my efforts to sleep in ( Stop calling me names!)

Continue on the quest of our new adventure.....details soon.

Knock down a few cocktails as I anxiously await "Tags" and "Wishes", which are due next Friday!

I should probably do something grandmotherly in there somewhere, and I will, I promise!

So, my bloggy friends, I hope that this week's ramblings, although they are just that, have made some minute spec of sense. I promise I will try to get more sleep before flinging my gibberish so mercilessly in your face next week. Or, at the very least, give a good old college try. (Oh yeah, I never went to college) ;)

Until next week I will leave you with this wish...........

May all you do be achieved easily, without an iota of real effort or stress.
May every occasion requiring attentdance find you feeling and looking your best.

May all of those from which you need cooperation, bring it forth with enthusiasm and charm.
May they not, under any circumstance, bring one tiny bit of your plan to harm.

May everything you have worked so hard toward, finally land firmly in your hand.
May you know and have it proven that now was absolutely the right time to take a stand.

Until next week........


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