Saturday, August 25, 2012

Downturns, Upturns, and Twirls!

Well, Hello there!

What a week!

First, the wedding in Elbow............. gorgeous! That's about all I can say. What a beautiful group of people, an absolute gorgeous setting, as you can see from the top photo, and just a down right good time. 

We have been doing this for about 12 years now, and have seen our share of weddings with many different themes and many different vibes. Some are very proper and kind of stiff and others go the laid back route. This was a pretty perfect balance of the two.

The bride, though a trooper, became tired of wearing her 40 or so pound wedding dress, and not having really planned for a change, was very resourceful! The guys of the bridal party had long ago given up the shirts from their tuxes, as it was a pretty hot day, so, the bride confiscated her new hubby's shirt, a sash from one of the chair covers and her friend's sweater. After a quick change in the washroom emerged in her lovely ensemble. Men's shirt, purple sash belt, and her friend's cardigan for a little extra length. Voila! The new comfy bride was ready to dance once more!

And dance they did! Another 6 hour wedding dance! As I began playing the final song, a romantic ballad they had used at the ceremony, I thought for sure the new bride and groom would take advantage of this sentimental moment. But, that just wasn't them. The bride, in her new fashion forward attire, along with her new husband grabbed another couple of chair sashes and began to dance and twirl and prance around the other couples on the dance floor who were taking advantage of the romance. It was so funny, they looked like alternates for the rhythm gymnastics team twirling and swirling their sashes, entwining couples whenever possible.

Too funny!

The week then took a quick downturn as I had to resign from my "job" lookng after the wee ones I cared for. With my hubby no longer working in the city, it just didn't make sense for me to drive 12 hours a week to work 12 hours a week. Not on it's own.

That, my friends, I'm not going to lie, was very tough. I'm going to miss those munchkins like crazy! The Mom was very understanding, as I knew she would be. We both knew she wasn't going to need me forever, but niether of us were prepared to let go just yet. I know we'll stay in touch, and they will always hold a very special place in my heart. Those twins were so tiny, and now they are strapping 21/2 yr old boys, bright, walking, running, talking a blue streak, and on their way to being potty trained. Their sister, a little, shy, 4 year old sprite when I started, is now seven, and is the one who grounded me from doing crafts. They'll be fine. And, in time, so will I.

Upturning again, the the "Art in the Park" tradeshow, today. Well, it ended up being "Art in the Hall", as the weather didn't exactly cooperate. We had pretty wicked winds, which doesn't really go well with tables of jewelery, baking, quilts, photographs, and books! It still was a great day. Saw a lot of familiar faces, even more new ones and sold some books too!

Now, for the upcoming week........

I found out about another couple of tradeshows that could work out quite well, I need to get details and hopefully signed up for those.

We will hopefully be getting a solid answer about our new adventure...

Help hubby remove and replace an air conditioner on an RV........

Maybe make a quick  day trip to see my mom........

Get ready for my official signing for "Tags" and "Wishes" at McNally Robinson in Saskatoon, on Saturday Sept.1st at 1pm.......(Yes that was blatant advertising, in case you missed it)

That's about it for this week......

Until next week I'll leave you with this wish.........

May you approach life's challenges with the mindset of a seasoned athlete,taking everything in stride.
May you withstand the stress and pressure with relative ease, using your instincts as your guide.

May you understand very few races in life are sprints, most are lengthy, with no real win or lose.
May you see the gift of strolling each marathon, in the sand, wearing cast iron shoes.

May you come to know that with rushing to the finish line, so much can go by, unnoticed, unseen.
May you not only feel the pull of where you are headed, but the importance of where you've been.

Until next time.....Check out my website  All four books are available!

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