Saturday, March 9, 2013

As Brave As A Toddler? Oh Yeah!


Who is braver than a toddler taking a walk in the snow unassisted for the first time?  Treading on the unknown, uneven, foreign surface without hesitation, without fear. This is the bravery we all possess until life makes us second guess our instincts as to where we should be going next and the path we should follow to get there.

When we feel unsure about the way our lives are going, we need to tap into that fearless toddler's heart, and believe in ourselves, be as sure-footed as we felt then. Yes, we may stumble, the chosen path may be rough in places, but we need to remember there are an infinite number of chances to change our course any time we choose to do so.

Soooo..........This week, I turned 47.  I feel so grateful, humbled, and amazed at the incredible life I've been allowed to lead.  I come from a huge, crazy family who loves to laugh. We didn't grow up with a lot of the frills that some other children may have taken for granted, but we grew up solid and sturdy, but even more importantly, we grew up in a home where being a smart ass was taken to Olympic levels. Fate/Karma/Serendipity has seen fit to give me a husband and kids who more than help to perpetuate that culture, hopefully the legacy will live on.

Also this week.......

I finished and passed (With a 98% average! :) the online business course I was taking. 10 modules....30 lessons....a crash course in entrepreneurship...the issues......accounting.......and sooooo much more!!! All funning aside, it was pretty helpful.

We received a call from a gentleman to pay a visit to him and his motor home, which apparently, is in some dire need of  love and care. We will be doing an estimate to determine if we can do the job where it sits in the cold, or if it will need to come into the shop.

We also gave the final approval for our sign! Can't wait to hang it up!

Today, we took part in a great trade show in Outlook. Thanks Trina for organizing such a great event!
It was a good day!  Some more books found new homes with some giggly munchkins, we got to see some old friends and meet some new ones. I was able to spend a portion of the day reading "Lexi" to a little girl, and playing with 10 month old little guy who was hanging out and helping his mom at a neighbouring table. Oh, and I was able to relieve one vendor of a couple pairs of very cute shoes!

We also had some Integrity RV info set up and had some people stopping by, asking questions, and showing some genuine interest at the thought of a shop opening, so close to home.

So, for the upcoming week........

Put together the estimate for our motor home guy...

Do some snooping into getting some key chains, letterhead etc. with our logo and name on them.

Put together an order for another vendor.... a few more "fun" RVing things.

Chase grandbabies........hehehehe

Sleep in on one of the days..........

Well, that about does it for this week.... In honor of those of us who have begun to admit we aren't just colouring our hair for fun anymore......

May you look in the mirror, and see every line as the artist's strokes defining who you are.
May you see beyond the lines forming around them, to wisdom behind the eyes, earned thus far.

May you celebrate the comfort that comes with time spent residing in your own skin.
May you embrace the confidence this time has afforded, unleash the kickass from within.

May every grey hair, every hot flash, every insomnia driven night, be overshadowed by the joy in your life.
May you  feel no remorse for that eaten bit of chocolate, you've earned it, for being such an awesome daughter/sister/mother/wife!

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