Saturday, March 23, 2013

Tiny Angel...Be Strong

Well, my friends, as I sit here at my computer and reflect on the happenings of the past week, my heart and mind keep coming back to a tiny little man, whom, as I sit here, is curled up in in the NICU of a hospital with tubes inserted for breathing and eating, and other equipment attached to monitor every tiny beat of his newborn heart.

He is the child of one of our "kids", closest friends. One of the kids who has been a big brother/friend to every one of our girls at one point during the last 15 years or so. He is a giant of a man now, and life has not always been easy, but still within him lies the gentle soul of a true Daddy.

I hope that soon, this little angel will be able to snuggle up with his Mommy and Daddy for a well deserved, peaceful nap. The kind of nap we can tend to take for granted as we watch our healthy little ones run around.

Life is fragile. A gift. We have no right to waste it. To watch as it passes by. I believe to do so insults all of those who fight for it every day.

On a lighter note, well kind of, anyway, when our oldest daughter went to the hospital to visit the above mentioned friend and his sweet family, she wiped out and hurt her back, so she is kind of laid up for the week on pain meds and muscle relaxers. You know those videos on youtube of the kids who just had their wisdom teeth removed, and they are all spacey because of the meds? Well, that's about it in a nutshell. On the upside, she is much less pain, on the downside.......yeah, should be an interesting week.

Oh, and yeah, our youngest daughter's boyfriend rolled his car on his way home from work yesterday. He's ok, just a bit sore, but the car, well, let's just say, I don't think it's gonna make it. So today was spent helping him find another car so he doesn't have to miss work Monday. This is one of those times when the benefits of living in a small town really come into play. A few phone calls to a couple of neighbours and voila, a car.

I did hear from the environmental people. They finally received the long awaited information from the government about the property across the street from our new shop and guess what? They didn't get it early enough in the day, so they didn't get a chance to read it,, we have to wait until Monday to find out if they are going to have to sample the soil on their property or not. The difference being $$$$$$$$! Cross your fingers!

Well, I guess that about does it for the past week, as for the next few days?

Receive stellar news from the environmental people. (I feel they owe us some!)

Go into the city and sign more papers! (One step closer!)

Hopefully receive our new cash register and interac machine...

Depending on how Monday goes, pick up a laptop for the shop, and start setting it up to do the shop books.

Hopefully receive news that a certain tiny angel has been released from his tethers and is breathing strong!

So my friends, until next time I'll leave you with this wish.......

For those in the NICU.....

May your tiny angel wings lift you above any pain you might feel.
May you absorb every strength from those that surround you, and heal.

May those who love you be solid, be hopeful, be positive, be sure.
May they look into your perfect eyes, so you know their love, so pure.

May every positive thought, every prayer, every whisper of good will, blanket you as you rest.
May they bring to you the strength to inhale the first of a long lifetime worth of breath.

May your tiny angel wings lift you, lift you high and lift you long.
May you, oh so precious, Tiny Angel, be a fighter, be strong.

Until next time.........

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