Saturday, January 3, 2015

The New Year's Here! Ready..Set...Go!


Well, the new year has been wrung in with some days of rest and relaxation. As you can see, I went for a stroll to take a few photos, but, what you can't see is the fact that the stroll became more of a hustle and not nearly as long as I had originally intended.

Although I had four layers on top and ski pants over long-johns on the bottom, it was no match for the -41 wind chill. I also failed to take into consideration that my camera would not at all be a fan of our rather brisk bit of weather.

The walk was short, but sweet. Cold and breathtaking in more ways than one. Yes, for those who have never experienced this kind of cold, it does actually hurt to breathe after a while. That part of Canadian folklore is not a myth. But, I assure you, we do not live in igloos and our main form of transportation is not by dog sled. Although, the latter would be a blast!

Yep, the new year has been welcomed, my beloved snowmen have been imprisoned once again, the house is officially de-Christmasfied, and it's time to go back to our "normal" routine.

I'm not sure, but I'm blaming the fact that I am 48 that I have basically been suffering a junk-food hangover for the last week. The poor old digestive system just can't seem to handle Christmas like it used to. Altogether, probably not entirely a bad thing.

It's been a great few days off. I slept in as much as my pain in the ass inner clock would allow, had leisurely coffees with my hubby, caught up on some reading, spent some time singing and playing around on the piano, had a few very long, unhurried soaks in my wonderful tub, and took care of a few jobs around the house that had been neglected for a while. (eg: cleaning oven and a few equally glamorous things).

I still find it difficult to give myself permission to do nothing. I am getting a bit better at it, and I look forward to opportunities to practice.

As for the next few days.......................

It's time to get back to the shop and back to work.

There are some end of the year bookkeeping chores that require focused attention, not to mention more than a few trailers that need some love.

I am also looking forward to getting back to my Friday writing days! I don't have that many left before Spring brings them to a halt. I need to make them count!

I hope the first baby steps into the new year have been kind. I know, for some, the new year, thus far, has not been the best. Far from it.

For those facing a tough start to 2015, I'll leave you with this wish.................................

May you walk through this heartache holding on to those who love you.
May you see that although the pain seems insurmountable, impossible, there is a way through.

May you allow yourself to reach out, for no one is meant to go through this alone.
May you know, always, help is never further than the buttons on your phone.

May you see that tears can carry a strength deemed impossible by most.
May you see that tears can carry such strength, they can bring the once broken, close.

May you see the light at the end is not always ours to question nor ours to claim.
May you know in your soul, it is still a light, her light, to be honoured in her name.

Until next time...

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