Saturday, January 17, 2015

A News Vacation? Don't Mind If I Do!


You know, I don't know a lot of things, but there is one thing that I am fairly convinced that I do.

There aren't many of the worlds' problems that can't be brought to their knees with the use of a few scented candles, a good book, and a glass of good wine.

Now, I did not, nor do I mean to indicate, that this actually solves any of them. No, not at all. These three ingredients, (substitutes for the wine are acceptable, if need be) sometimes, but not always, paired with a tub that may or may not contain bubbles, are simply a grand antidote for stress.

The greatest source of stress? Well, mine anyway, is the news.

I think I might need to take a news vacation for a few days. The world seems to be steeped in violence, these days. It doesn't seem to matter if you are watching correspondents in far off lands or our local guys that live a hop, skip, and a jump away.

Time to take a break. With any luck, they'll figure some of this stuff out while I'm gone. With even more luck, when I turn the news back on, the most violent story will include the roadrunner, wile.e. coyote and a company called acme. With any luck.


This week involved hustling some trailers through the shop, catching up on some grandbaby squeezes, some wedding planning, errand running, some prepping for a wedding we are DJing at the end of the month, and, yes, even a bit of writing.

Flitflee Flanderfoodle is starting to take shape! The yet untitled, contemporary book I'm working on is also coming along pretty well. I must admit, though, that, at times, it's a bit of a challenge to change gears between the two!

This week also brought about some warmer weather! It is sooooo nice to get a break, now and then, from the bitter cold. I hope it hangs around for a while!

As for the upcoming week?

Gratefully, it will be another busy week at the shop.......

 I'm hoping to hear back about getting a table at an upcoming trade show................

Get some more prep done for the wedding at the end of the month.....

Get caught up on some household stuff....................

Spend some quality time with some scented candles, a good book, and a good glass of wine..............

ooooo, and squeeze a grandbaby or two... or three.....................

Well, my friends, that about does it for me, this time around.....

Until next time.....................

May you, who draw pleasure from creating fear in your fellow man, please stop.
May you see that it could be that simple, if you choose to let it, just stop.

May you, who choose to strike first, and only then, choose to attempt a conversation, please stop.
May you, who take, whatever, whomever, you decide is yours at the time, no matter the cost, just stop.

May you, who strike, wrapped in your twisted version of the now bloodied pages of religious belief, please stop.
May you, see beyond your hatred, beyond your rage, beyond your demands, just stop.

May you..........please stop.
May you.........just...stop.

Until next week..............

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