Saturday, January 24, 2015

Stop The Stupid!


Look at that face!

Now, I know that I am a bit biased, but that is a gorgeous face!

After spending a few days avoiding news, I popped back on-line and opened up a few articles.

There were several that either talked about, or were videos of, women being harassed while walking down the street.

This is hardly new. It has been happening forever. Personally, I've never really understood the purpose.


If you are Joe Blow driving down the street, you see a pretty girl walking by, and you yell at her "Hey Baby, jump in, let's party!" ( or some equally stupid remark), what exactly are you expecting to happen?

I would love to know if that has EVER worked! Seriously!

If it has, I'm sorry, Joe, but chances are you're not that special. Annnnnddd I'm guessing it's more likely to end in a business transaction, than a Thanksgiving dinner at Mom's house.

You know, in all of my nearly 49 years on this planet I've yet to meet a female that, after receiving one of these verbal vomit bombs, responds with a "oooooo wasn't he dreamy!"

Sorry again, Joe, but women consider you, and guys like you, desperate, immature idiots who lack the ability to talk to a woman on any real level. Like an over-tired toddler wanting attention.

As women, going about our lives, who have the audacity to walk freely on a sidewalk, we, now suddenly, need to carefully weigh how we do or do not respond, for our very safety relies on it.  It's insane!

This is stupid. And can be stopped.

Guys, you don't want to be that guy. That guy is an asshole.

Mothers, teach your sons to be REAL men. Dads, teach your sons to be REAL men. Uncles teach your nephews to be REAL men. Don't foster this behavior and, in turn, teach them to be these pathetic boys with a "look at me" disorder.

Again, look at that face.

By the time that face is old enough to be out in the world on her own, I want her to look back on these news bites and videos and be puzzled. I want her to be blown away by how far society has come. I want her to never be on the receiving end of this ludicrous behavior.

We need to stop the stupid.

Soooo, the past week was, thankfully, another busy one at the shop.

Trailers in, trailers out. Like clockwork............. in a world where clocks stutter a bit, here and there, and run backwards from time to time. Stuff happens, if everything ran smoothly all of the time it would probably get boring.

Soooo.....freezing rain is fun! Crazy roads, but I still like it better than -40!

Oh, and I was able to secure a table for the Ladybug Trade Show in Swift Current,Sk. (May 2)!
I'm excited! I haven't done any in that neck of the woods yet. Looking forward to it!

As for the upcoming week?

Put finishing touches on the wedding we are DJing next weekend......

Work at the shop.......


So that about does it for me this time around..........

A few people that mean a lot to me are going through some rough stuff right now. So, with them in mind, I'll leave you with this wish...............

May you find the strength within yourself to stand up, and ask for what you need.
May you see that letting yourself be vulnerable is not a weakness, but incredible strength, indeed.

May you know the only power you possess is in your choices, and your choices alone.
May you understand you don't control the outcome, you never did, you never will, control, an illusion overblown.

May you follow your heart, let it feel what's real, not what you've romanticized life to be.
May you know on the other side of these choices, is a life to be lived, either way, happily.

Until next time!

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