Saturday, February 7, 2015

Life...A Thing From Which Legends Spring!


I miss green.    Well, green and not frozen.   Well, green, not frozen, and being able to go outside without a coat.  Make that green, not frozen, being able to go outside without a coat, and the smell of freshly cut grass. Make that.......

I miss green.

Soon, it will be almost Spring.  Soon, we will be heading into the last of the snow storms,  and before you know it we will be putting the next to last days of -40 behind us for another season.

Soon the snow will be almost melting, and shortly thereafter, we will come close to almost seeing the bare ground.

The end of winter is virtually in the proximity of near!

In case I was being too subtle, I'm sick of winter.

I mean, for the most part, it really hasn't been too bad, so far. There have only been a couple of stretches that were really cold. There hasn't been one storm yet that has built an impromptu snow barricade in front of our door. And we haven't yet had a storm that either prevented us from going to work, or coming home.

It could definitely be worse. I just miss green.

So, this week, besides DJing the wedding on the weekend, (which was gorgeous) working at the shop, and sneaking in a bit of grandbaby snuggles,  I managed to get in a bit of actual writing! "Flitflee Flanderfoodle" is coming right along, as is the contemporary novel I'm working on. (yet untitled)

I am so grateful for the time I am able to focus on these projects, as it's definitely challenging writing two such different books simultaneously.

They are such different worlds.

In one, the star is a bespectacled, little, freckled face girl with a couple of missing teeth, not-so-straight red pigtails, and a very unique fashion sense who, for some reason, when I'm writing her, speaks with a British accent. But, kind of strangely, her mother doesn't. This world is brimming with sunshine, rainbows and butterflies.

In the other, the star is a bit of a smart ass, eyeball deep in reality, trudging her way through life the best way she knows how. This world also has sunshine and rainbows, but unlike Flitflee's domain, there is the odd crap storm to weather.

As for the upcoming days................

On Monday, our grandbaby, Jake turns 3! I'm hoping to pop in to give him a birthday squeeze!

The rest of the week will involve working at the shop, getting caught up on some errands, and putting a bit more meat on the bones of these two books.

And, with that, my friends, I will leave you for another week.

May your life be filled with good, good news, good times, good food, good friends.
May your life be filled with colour, blue skies, green grass, red roses, bright trends.

May your life be filled with fragrant memories, your Grandma's lotion, Grandpa's pipe.
May your life be filled with music, road trip songs, romantic sways, the soundtrack of your life.

May your life fill all of your senses, everyday, overflowing, without fail.
May your life be a thing from which legends spring, an epic, phenomenal tale.

Until next time

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